40+ Free Layer Cake Quilt Pattern Ideas to Make Easily

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Layer Cake Quilt Patterns Free

Making these layer cake quilt free patterns is seriously so much fun, and you kind of feel like you are cheating using a beautiful charm pack, of precut fabric that goes so nicely together. 

Using a layer cake to make a quilt is one of my favorite ways to make quilts. This is because the fabric comes in a nice little package of precut squares. Plus, the fabric all nicely matches, so I don’t have to worry about finding things that match well. 

Even if you think this is cheating, don’t knock it until you try it. These charm packs might be a game changer for you too, especially if you categorize yourself among beginner quilters. 

layer cake star quilt pattern

What is a Charm Pack?

You might be thinking, wait! Hold up here a minute. What is a charm pack? A charm pack is a package of precut fabric that is sold with a group of fabrics that match. A charm pack can be found primarily in jelly rolls, or layer cake squares. 

What is a Layer Cake?

A layer cake is a package of fabric collections sold as a kit of precut 10-inch squares of fabric. Occasionally you can find other sizes such as 8-inch squares or 4-inch squares sold as layer cake fabric as well, but the term “layer cake” primarily refers to a package of 10-inch squares of fabric. 

flowered layer cake

Layer Cake Fabric

Layer cake fabric can be purchased at most local quilt stores, or from online retailers. These precut fabrics come in a variety of styles and fabric types to fit your needs. 

Using layer cake fabric allows you to enjoy making an easy quilt pattern. The actual quilt work goes a lot faster since your squares are already cut out for you. You may still need to cut the squares down, depending on you’re the pattern you decide to use. 

Using a layer cake to make a lap quilt is a great way for new quilters to start out. I am excited to share with you a few of my favorite patterns that will help you to make a great beginner quilt. There are many beginner patterns, as well as more advanced patterns that everyone will enjoy, and gain inspiration from. 

Different Quilt Patterns

In these different quilt patterns, you will find several different sizes and beautiful design options to choose from. These different square quilt pattern ideas have many different options, all of which are beautiful and will inspire your creativity. Make sure to click through to the specific post to see the step-by-step instructions to make the pattern you wish to follow. 

Beautiful Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

Free Layer Cake Quilt Pattern

There are so many different ways you can enjoy making a beautiful quilt using a layer cake. You might enjoy creating quilt blocks then sewing them into your quilt, making a star pattern, or using half square triangles to make a gorgeous quilt. 

There are so many different fun pattern options with these free layer cake patterns that you can enjoy. It is my hope that your creativity has begun to flourish, and you are now ready to take that inspiration to make your very own project. 

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