Free Row by Row Quilting Patterns and Ideas

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Row by Row Quilting Patterns

Making a quilt using row by row quilting patterns is a lot of fun, doing this allows you to create a beautiful project with a lot of variety. I am so excited to share several different quilt patterns with you that use the row by row quilting method. 

Making quilts using the row by row method is a lot of fun because you can mix things up, and have the opportunity to create several different designs depending on what you are in the mood for. 

row by row quilting patterns

What is Row by Row Quilting?

Before we take a dive into the different pattern ideas, let’s first explain what exactly row by row quilting is, so that you understand what you are getting yourself into! lol

This specific type of quilting is made up of different blocks that are sewn together to form a row. Often there are several different rows, using different quilting patterns that are sewn together to create a row quilt pattern. 

Typically, with a row quilting pattern, you will have a definite way that the quilt should face. This type of quilting is so much fun because there are many different quilting techniques that you can incorporate into one project. Whatever you are in the mood to make can be added to your new row of the quilt. 

One of the more challenging things about this type of quilting through is getting the sizes for each row to be the same so that your quilt forms a nice rectangle shape when finished. Because each row incorporates different patterns, you will need to make sure that the finished row is the same width as the previous row. 

What projects can be made with Row by Row Quilting?

Although row-by-row quilting is usually made by taking different quilt blocks, and then sewing them together to create each row, there are several different projects you can make with this method. 

In addition to creating the simplest patchwork squares and turning them into rows to add to a quilt, you could also create a table runner or wall hanging using this same method. 

You can also choose to give your quilt a theme, by making it the story of your travels or using the home sweet home theme of little houses, tulips, and pinwheels. The great thing about these quilts is that there are so many different block options that you might enjoy incorporating into your row-by-row quilting. 

Quick Summary of Row-by-Row Quilting

When selecting your fabric you can purchase new, use fabric bundles, or even use scrap fabric that you have left over. 

You will want to determine what patterns you want each row of your quilt to be, and then cut the pieces of fabric for the first row, out of your fabric row kit. 

Before you start to sew, it’s always a good idea to make sure you have enough spools of thread on hand for your project. You can then sew together your blocks, then assemble them into rows. 

When you have the first completed row, you can start working on the next row until it is complete. Then sew the two rows together. Repeat this process until you have the entire quilt top finished. 

It’s a good idea to finish your quilt out with a border. This helps to pull the entire quilt together and gives it a finished look. Make sure to add a vertical border and horizontal borders to the quilt, then it’s time to finish out the quilt completely. 

Making different row patterns is a lot of fun. These free quilt patterns will inspire you as you decide what your next row-by-row quilt pattern is going to be. Now, grab your sewing machines, and pin cushions so we can find the perfect free pattern to inspire you!

Free Row by Row Quilting Patterns

Row By Row Quilting Patterns

There are many different ways you might choose to make your row by row quilting. You can make a row of blocks however you prefer, there are tutorial books for quilting that you can purchase specifically for this type of quilting, or you can find inspiration from these quilts to begin making your own.

Row by Row Quilting

Making a great quilt can be as easy or complicated as you wish. One of the reasons I enjoy the row-by-row quilting method is that you can easily mix things up and make each row different or have an overall theme for your project. I hope that you have found some inspiration to begin your next sewing project with these different ideas above. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope that these ideas have been of great help to you. Happy quilting!

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row by row quilting pattern ideas
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