35+ Free Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns

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Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns

These free knitted Christmas stocking patterns will help your mood get into the holiday spirit! Making handmade stockings is the perfect project for you to make as decorations or gifts this holiday season. There are so many free knitting patterns to choose from. I am very excited to share some of my favorites with you, in the hopes that you will find something to inspire you! 

free knitted stocking patterns

Hand-Knitted Christmas Stocking

There are so many different Christmas stocking pattern options to choose from, that you are bound to find one you love, and can’t wait to start making! I love that feeling of wanting to start a new project right away, and I hope that you will be so excited about these holiday stockings that this is your feeling. 

These Christmas stocking patterns are a great way to add a personal touch to your Christmas gift giving, by making the perfect gift for your family member. These stockings also make a wonderful wedding gift idea! 

No matter what you are making a Christmas stocking for, keep in mind that it is the personal touch that will make all the difference. You might enjoy adding their name to the top of the stocking so that the finished product is even more personal. You can do this by printing an iron-on name from your cricket or silhouette or embroidering it onto the top of the stocking. 

When you find the particular pattern that inspires you keep in mind you can mix things up as far as the color scheme goes. Making the stocking body a solid color is always a great option, or you can make colorful stockings by using traditional Christmas colors for this time of the year, or your favorite color combinations. 

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    Simple Knit Patterns

    These knit stocking pattern options below use several basic knitting stitches. There are several that are great for beginning knitters, as they use basic stitches for the body of the stocking. It is only the shaping of the stocking that might be a little complicated, but these posts have great tutorials to walk you through that part of the pattern. 

    Now, let’s jump into the different patterns to make handmade knit Christmas stockings, for you to enjoy making the free pattern to celebrate Christmas morning! 

    Handmade Christmas Stockings

    Knitted Christmas Stocking Patterns

    Tips and Tricks for Knit Christmas Stockings

    Yarn Type. When making a knitted Christmas stocking, it is likely going to work the best if you do not use a super bulky yarn. Bulky weight yarn will make a bigger stocking, and it might be difficult to work within a detailed project like a Christmas stocking, however, it does work in some cases. For most patterns, you are going to be better off using a worsted weight yarn. There are many types of soft worsted-weight yarn options to choose from, so you should be able to find one that you prefer. 

    Color Options. The sky is the limit when it comes to the colors you should make your Christmas stockings in. The most traditional colors are going to be red, green, and white, but nothing says that it has to be those specific colors. Feel free to use the color combination that you like the best! 

    Want to learn the basics of knitting? Be sure to check out Learn How To Knit!

    Hand-Knit Christmas Stocking

    There’s nothing better than celebrating the Christmas season by creating a beautiful new tradition. Using one of these great pattern options to make your own stocking is a fun way to start the holiday season on the right foot. 

    Making your own Christmas stocking is a lot of fun, and you get to design the festive stocking just how you like it. There’s nothing better to get you into the Christmas spirit than making your very own stocking following one of these fun patterns! 

    Grab your favorite yarn and get started knitting your favorite Christmas stocking! Happy Knitting! 

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